This handcrafted hair pin is made from Purpleheart and Cherry wood with a hidden brass pin for added strength. The Purpleheart top has a dark grain pattern and a deep purple hue with a dark black check.The main length of the pin is Cherry wood and has a deep grain pattern that has streaks of green and purple colour. This is a very sturdy pin that can handle the toughest of hair styles.

Purpleheart is a very strong wood from south America. It is perfect for making small slender hair pins. This piece was left over from a local carpentry workshop. It is one of my favourite woods to work with.

Favoured by furniture makers Cherry wood is hard and strong with a beautiful golden honey tone. The tree is an important food source for Blackbirds, Song Thrush's and mammals such as the badger, wood mouse, yellow necked mouse and dormouse. Bees make their way to these beautiful trees in the spring for their abundant flower blossoms. This piece was taken from a Cherry near Bath that lost a large limb in a winter storm in 2015.


14.9 cm Long

2.0 cm Wide

This pin is finished with Nutshell wax. The product is eco friendly and non toxic, blending selected beeswax, Larch oil and essential oils to give your hairpin years of protection. It also uses no VOC's, formaldehyde or petrochemicals.

We are always striving to improve our processes environmentally. Hand tools are used over power tools where possible and sanding etc. is kept to a minimum.

Customer Reviews

A new favourite

When I broke my purpleheart pin, I was gutted. But then I found this one, and another one. I love them all and I will try to be more careful not to break them. This one has a hidden brass pin, giving additional stability. I was not sure this straight and slightly thicker style of pin would work for my hair. But it does. It keeps my long thick and wavy hair in place all day, without any problems. I was always struggling with ponytail styles, as they usually led to a painful scalp for hours afterwards. I love my long hair, but it isn’t very practical. A habit of adopting animal companions, chickens and degus among them, means hours spent cleaning out their housing. Theses pins keep my hair out of my face nicely. But they are not only practical, they are also beautiful works of art and a real pleasure to touch and handle. I am working on a collection.

Written by Elke on 4th May 2020

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