Teal Garden Card
Posted by Rachel Moorhouse on 7th Dec 2023
Lovely unique cards. Lovely quality and design.


Cupid Cards
Posted by Rachel Moorhouse on 7th Dec 2023
Great cards and fast delivery. Lovely cards.


Rudolph Cards
Posted by Rachel Moorhouse on 7th Dec 2023
Superb quality and fast delivery. Fantastic cards and service.


Leaf Bloom Print
Posted by Michelle Garcia on 20th Jan 2023
Delighted with my print, which made on a hill kindly printed in green for me. The print is beautifully presented and looks fabulous now I have had it framed with a green mount. Made on a hill provided a lovely personal service and produce their products with pride and care. Highly recommend.


Posted by Kathy on 16th Jan 2023
I am delighted with my latest Delphinium Blue lantern which gives out a lovely light on the supper table and makes me smile very time I look at it. I have 3 other Made on a Hill lanterns that live on my hearth and which provide a warm and welcoming glow at a time when lighting the gas fire is best avoided. And better for my health than strong smelling candles. Unique and beautiful and sustainably hand-crafted - they bring the feel of the garden into the home. Love them!


Gorgeous Christmas Cards
Posted by Suzanne Mckee on 16th Dec 2022
Beautifully designed and printed on top quality card. Neatly packaged in tissue with a thank you note. My order was hand delivered as delivery didn’t arrived via Royal Mail. Highly recommend


Lamp base
Posted by Vicki Clemerson on 14th Dec 2022
These are absolutely amazing! This one was for a friend, but I had previously purchased both the standard and large sizes. They show my beautiful lanterns off perfectly in a much better and safer way than with a tea light. The convenience of the USB connector and a plug is great. A superb product for the price. I'm now looking for more things to put on them, so I can buy some more.


Twisted Lavender Wood Hair Pin
Posted by Meredithe 8th Dec 2022
I bought a yew wood hair pin from you a couple of years ago which I loved and wore endlessly.... and then it broke and I was gutted..... until I saw this gorgeous hair pin which is already much loved and I am sure will be much used as well! Goodness but I love what you make!


Oak and Sapele Hair Fork
Posted by Meredithe 8th Dec 2022
I ordered this online last night around 10pmish... imagine my surprise when a knock on the door this morning brought a lovely smiley face with my order! Such a beautiful hair fork! Obviously I have it in my hair as I type!! thank you!


Posted by Ann B on 18th jun 2022
Returning customer, always pleased with my purchase & speedy delivery, would highly recommend


Cloud Heart design card
Posted By Lisa on 18th Jan 2022
Very happy with this lovely card. It arrived promptly, is made from good quality card and the design is beautiful


Stunning Xmas cards
Posted on 8th Dec 2021
Absolutely beautiful Xmas cards, love the design and the card material. Beautiful


Beautiful and unique
Posted by Sue Skeels ❤️ on 30th Nov 2021
Beautiful cards which I feel proud to send to friends and family.


Posted by Stephanie on 9th Oct 2021
These are some of the most beautiful cards I’ve seen in a long while. I love the way the artist has linked the two themes of love and nature, and with such delicate skill, they are exquisite. I saw one and immediately ordered loads more!

Lovely quality
Posted by Jane on 23rd Dec 2020
I love the grain of the cherry wood and it’s nice to know the story of the tree it came from. It’s simply stylish and lovely quality - I shall enjoy using it for many years!

Posted by Jane on 23rd Dec 2020
So pleased with this hair fork - wonderful quality and the grain of the yew makes it very special. It’s very tactile and beautifully smooth. The presentation box filled with wood shavings is a great touch!


Beautiful designs
Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2020
As with all these cards - they are so beautiful and delicate designs.


Beautiful designs
Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2020
As with all these cards - they are exquisite and so original


Posted by Hannah on 21st Dec 2020
I adore this hair fork! It is beautifully crafted and packaged, and I am very happy to support a small business. Thank you for sharing the history of the wood used too! It will have many years of use.



Posted by Beth Al-Rikabi on 11th Dec 2020
Exactly what I was after for a Christmas present and beautifully made. Thank you x


Xmas cards with a difference
Posted by Carolyn on 4th Dec 2020
I'm so delighted to have Xmas cards that are unique and handmade, rather than mass produced. The drawing is beautiful and it feels like I'm sending a work of art and not just a card to my family and friends. I'll be back for more next year! Thank you

A glimpse of summer to cheer these dark days
Posted by Carolyn on 4th Dec 2020
A gorgeous lantern of summer flowers which glows with a gentle light to warm up the room and my heart. So individual and handmade - it feels good to know that I've got something which no-one else has! The craftmanship is exquisite, and this lantern is a thing of such great beauty. I'm thrilled with it!

Simple and beautiful
Posted by CM on 3rd Dec 2020
I love the unfussy, simple lines on these cards. I'm actually really looking forward to sending out such lovely cards this Christmas!

Delicate and pretty
Posted by CM on 3rd Dec 2020
Very pleased with the quality of the card and love the delicate design. Feels wonderfully different to mass market cards!

Simple and beautiful
Posted by CM on 3rd Dec 2020
The quality of the design and print is very high and it really feels like I'm sending something original and thoughtful

Excellent Quality
Posted by Julie on 2nd Dec 2020
Simple and beautiful


Beautiful cards
Posted by Julie on 2nd Dec 2020
I love all of the cards but this is one of my favourite designs.

Posted by Sharon R on 30th Nov 2020
All of the Reindeer cards are lovely, such a great design. I love Rudolph and his red nose. So beautifully made.



Posted by Sharon R on 30th Nov 2020
This is such a beautiful card. I love all the cards but this has to be my favourite


Simple, delicate and elegant
Posted by Unknown on 22nd Sep 2020
This lantern adds warmth and calm to any spot in the house!


Posted by Elke on 20th Aug 2020
I know I am repeating myself, but all theses pins and forks are truly treasured and loved by me. Beautiful, tactile, unique and practical. I use them on a daily basis and I also love them as a collectors treasured item.
This one is different as it is not straight, but slightly bended, which makes the hairdo softer, which I like.



Another  favourite
Posted by Elke on 20th Aug 2020
This is another favourite in my growing collection. The cherry wood is stunningly beautiful and the rounded shape makes you wanting to touch it and just hold it.


Posted by ann b on 7th May 2020
Beautiful hand made cards, couldn’t resist when I saw them, I’m delighted


Posted by ann b on 7th May 2020
Beautiful hand made cards that can be used for lots of different occasions, I was delighted with them.


A new favourite
Posted by Elke on 4th May 2020
When I broke my purpleheart pin, I was gutted. But then I found this one, and another one. I love them all and I will try to be more careful not to break them. This one has a hidden brass pin, giving additional stability. I was not sure this straight and slightly thicker style of pin would work for my hair. But it does. It keeps my long thick and wavy hair in place all day, without any problems. I was always struggling with ponytail styles, as they usually led to a painful scalp for hours afterwards.

I love my long hair, but it isn’t very practical. A habit of adopting animal companions, chickens and degus among them, means hours spent cleaning out their housing. Theses pins keep my hair out of my face nicely. But they are not only practical, they are also beautiful works of art and a real pleasure to touch and handle. I am working on a collection.


Posted by Elke on 4th May 2020
This pin is absolutely stunning. Especially the top bit. It also works very well. I like the added hidden brass pin. Clumsy me broke my first pin, a beautiful purpleheart wood one.


An absolute dream
Posted by Elke on 5th Feb 2020
This is an absolute dream: wonderful to look at and even more wonderful to touch. A thing of art and beauty which is also extremely practical to use. I love it!

Simply stunning
Posted by Elke on 5th Feb 2020
Perfect in every way possible. I love my beautiful little wand. Stunningly beautiful and it really performs magic. My hair has never before looked so nice.
The best yet!


The best yet! 
Posted by Vicki Clemerson on 4th Aug 2019

My new lantern arrived beautifully packaged as usual. Sitting outside at dusk on a balmy evening recently, I placed all my lanterns together on the table. The resulting glow was magical. I think this is Sacha’s best lantern yet!


Rare Find
Posted By: Rachel Moorhouse 3rd June 2018
Beautiful cards, rarely found, will enjoy sending.


The best yet
Posted By: Kay on 15th Mar 2018
This is not the first lantern I have bought but is definitely the best yet. It looks good unlit but only shows it’s real beauty when lit. The addition of a small circle of wood to hold the tea light in position is very helpful. I just love my unique wild heather lantern.


Stunning Lantern!
Posted By: Sue on 19th Feb 2017
Over the moon with my lantern which arrived today - the design is absolutely stunning and the craftmanship is excellent. Cannot wait to light it tonight!

Posted By: Kay on 29th Nov 2017
The lantern I ordered is even more beautiful in real life. I bought it for a gift but love it so much I am going to find it very hard to give it away!

Love this one
Posted By: Vicki Clemerson 28th Nov 2017
These lanterns are just lovely. As always, it arrived safely, because of the way it was sent, using eco friendly packaging.

Posted By: Vicki Clemerson 28th Nov 2017
I bought this wonderful lantern for a Christmas present. As always, it arrived safely, because of the way it was sent, using eco friendly packaging.

Posted By: Vicki Clemerson 28th Nov 2017
I bought this wonderful lantern for a Christmas present. As always, it arrived safely, because of the way it was sent, using eco friendly packaging.

Mooi, origineel en handgemaakt
Posted By: Marloes on 4th Dec 2016
Mooie kerstkaarten. Echt een aanrader. Origineel en handgemaakt. Binnen een paar dagen zijn de kaarten thuis bezorgd, zelfs in Nederland.Goede levering en netjes verpakt.

Absolute art!
Posted By: Rosie on 30th Nov 2016
I must admit, it is not my first time here...
I find MadeonaHill the place to go to and you always find the best gifts ever! I have treated my sisters and friends to hairpins and lanterns (they have even been amazing gifts for relatives on the other side of the world, sharing the magic :) and I myself own a hairpin and a pendant that always receive praise and interest.
I love it when you find the right address for homemade art that holds meaning, creativity and esthetics !

Posted By: Stephanie Laslett on 16th Nov 2016
I ordered 30 bauble Christmas cards and they arrived next day, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper. Exquisite illustration and high quality card and printing. Highly recommended.

Pretty Light
Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2016
I bought this lantern initially for a friend, but kept it as I liked it so much! It gives off a lovely warm light and looks beautiful alongside several others I am slowly collecting. Hoping to 'litter' my windowsills at Christmas time with natural softly lit lanterns!

So Useful!
Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2016
I have a hairpin similar to this one - I constantly reach for it to pin up my hair quickly.  Beautifully finished and so smooth; it never gets tangled.

Dear Little Christmas Trees
Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2016
Received these superb quality cards, beautifully packed and presented.  Very cute design. Simple and very effective.

Adorable Design!
Posted by Unknown 27th Oct 2016
Received these cards beautifully packed and presented. What a delightful  expression on this lovely reindeer!

Delicate and beautiful
Vicki Clemerson on 16 Dec 2016
Love the cards. I love Sacha's delicate and unusual designs.

Posted by Andrew Brooking on 14th Dec 2015
A very beautiful and well made product.

Thank you for my beautiful cards!
Posted by Unknown 11th Dec 2015
These Christmas cards are so special. Everyone I have sent one to has commented on how lovely they are. The paper feels very high quality, yet is 100% recycled. The designs are playful and festive, and the order came super fast.
Thank you Made on a Hill!

Sfeervol en origineel!
Posted by Marloes Wardenier on 10th May 2015
Ontzettende mooie lantaarn gekocht bij madeonahill. Netjes ingepakt en goed bezorgd in Nederland. De lantaarn geeft een sfeervol licht en ik heb al veel vragen gehad waar de lantaarn vandaan komt. Een echte aanrader. Helemaal blij mee!

Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2015
Beautiful lantern- creates a very magical atmosphere.
Ideal for your home or as a present....
Excellent packaging and posting service!

Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2015
Beautiful lantern- creates a very magical atmosphere.
Excellent packaging and posting service!

Half pin, half wand
Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2015
I bought this as a gift for a Harry Potter fan - she can hide her wand in her hair now! It's a gorgeous piece of wood, and excellent woodwork. Tip top!

Beautiful Christmas gift
Posted by Laura on 3rd Jan 2015
I gave this lantern to my sister for Christmas, and she absolutely loved it. She lit it Christmas night and the candle danced within, creating a magical light across the room. She said it was a special treat to have something handmade in her home.
Thank you so much!

Wonderfully warm
Posted by Martine on 19th Dec 2014
It's a brilliant edition to other candle light holders I own from Sacha's creative making!

So cute!
Posted by Martine on 11th Dec 2014
These are some very sweet Christmas cards to send, really like the artwork!

Gorgeous cards!!!
Posted by Unknown on 10th Dec 2014
Beautiful cards, best quality and carefully packed. Also shipped promptly. I recommend!!!!!

Posted by Vicki Clemerson on 9th Dec 2014
These cards are so lovely and unusual, I'm saving them for special people. And beautifully packaged too.

Posted by Vicki Clemerson on 9th Dec 2014
Bought this as a Christmas present for my sister, but just had to open it! It's beautiful. I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees it