This handcrafted hair pin is made from Mulberry wood. It is an eye-catching wand like pin with a pale yellow to golden brown tone. The top of the pin features a knot with burr and bark. The contours continuing down the piece reveal further knots, radial patterns and a lustrous figure. The tone of the pin may darken to a deeper golden colour with age.

The Mulberry tree is native to the southeastern United States and many species are found around the world. It is commonly used for making furniture and turnery work. The paper used in many of our lanterns comes from a species of Mulberry found in Thailand called the Saa tree. The leaves of the white Mulberry are the primary food source for the silk worm, which is used to produce silk. This piece was taken from a beautiful overgrown Red Mulberry in our village that needed some attention. It continues to live on happily and is well known for its delicious fruits.


17.4cm Long

2.0cm Wide

This pin is finished with Nutshell wax. The product is eco friendly and non toxic, blending selected beeswax, Larch oil and essential oils to give your hairpin years of protection. It also uses no VOC's, formaldehyde or petrochemicals.

We are always striving to improve our processes environmentally. Hand tools are used over power tools where possible and sanding etc. is kept to a minimum.

Customer Reviews


I know I am repeating myself, but all theses pins and forks are truly treasured and loved by me. Beautiful, tactile, unique and practical. I use them on a daily basis and I also love them as a collectors treasured item. This one is different as it is not straight, but slightly bended, which makes the hairdo softer, which I like.

Written by Elke on 20th Aug 2020

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