This handcrafted lantern is made with upcycled glass, carefully designed with handpicked and pressed Acer & Fern leaves and a textured, eco friendly paper called Lokta.  The lantern glows with a soft warmth when lit, highlighting the vibrant Acer leaves and the subtle Mulberry fibres of the handmade paper, creating a peaceful atmosphere.


Height: 11.8 cm

Diameter: 7.5 cm

To clean, wipe inner with a damp cloth/glass cleaner.  When lit ensure the tea light is in the centre of the lantern.  Allow the wax to cool before replacing the tea light.

Lokta paper is acid and lignin free and is made in Nepal using a traditional handmade method.  When harvested, the Lokta bush regenerates within 5–7 years. The oldest available manuscripts of Hindu and Buddhist texts are written on Lokta paper.  The contents of a Buddhist prayer wheel contain a tightly-wound scroll of Lokta paper upon which a mantra is written thousands of times.  It is also used in traditional medicine as an antiseptic bandage.

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