This handcrafted hair pin is made from Pyracantha wood and Purpleheart wood. The Pyracantha has a honey coloured tone with a very fine grain featuring tiny intricate knots. Purpleheart wood forms the pin stripe running through the heart of this powerful pin making it very strong. The tone of the pin may darken a little with age.

Pyracantha will be very familiar to gardeners here in the UK. They grow well here and are very thorny. Their berries are a much needed food source for birds during the winter months and provide shelter for nesting. This piece has been made from wood gathered from a local gardening project. It is a very interesting wood to work with and I am always surprised at what lies beneath the gnarled bark.

Purpleheart is a very strong wood from south America. This piece was left over from a local carpentry workshop. It is one of my favourite woods to work with. Sapele Mahogany comes from West, Central and East Africa.  It is often used in furniture and cabinet making and as a veneer for marquetry. It is also used in the construction of musical instruments, for building boats and as a flooring material.


15.2cm Long

2.0cm Wide


This pin is finished with natural herb and resin oil and Nutshell wax. The products are eco friendly and non toxic, blending selected beeswax, Larch oil and essential oils to give your hair pin years of protection.  It also uses no  VOC's, formaldehyde or petrochemicals.

We are always striving to improve our processes environmentally.  Hand tools are used over power tools where possible and sanding etc. is kept to a minimum.

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