As summer closes out once more and the light begins to shift to autumn hues readying the suns low winter arc, a full moon approaches ushering in yet another celestial cycle. An incremental nudge towards the completion of a strange and unprecedented year for the whole planet.

We have always been deeply thankful for our little place here on a hill. It is our great privilege to call this spot home and not a day goes by without some acknowledgement of that gratitude. Making things as we do is a blissful way to spend time and energy but by no means easy. We consistently address our impact on the environment and it is this conscience along with a compulsion to share something joyful in the world that leads to all our creations. It is a truly wonderful thing when someone makes a connection with something that you have made with love and care. This is all we ever wished to put out into the world. A world flooded with identical objects produced in seconds and sold for many times their worth only to be discarded in the same disconnected manner with which they were acquired. It is easy to feel the weight of our presence here in this life when so much of what we have around us has the potential to echo the mistakes that we make as humans. However there is something within us all that responds when an object has been made with love. We connect with a carefully handmade object in ways that become deeply personal to each of us, just as a piece of music belongs only to the person who listens. For the maker, it is a rare experience to witness that further connection. Quite where that piece goes and what it comes to mean to someone else after leaving the makers hands is often a mystery.

It is incredibly flattering and heartwarming to have someone experience their own connection with your work and then feel further compelled to write about it. We feel honoured and privileged to be featured in our very first magazine article within the pages of this special nature edition of the stunning Flourish magazine. A beautiful culmination of photography, writing and travel, carefully and lovingly guided by its creator Lucy Saunders to whom we are truly grateful.

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